Meet a Stranger in Nimbuzz

Meet a stranger? This is the real fun in Nimbuzz. Now Nimbuzz allowing it’s users to meet strangers by ‘MEET A STRANGER’ application. It’s a free service from Nimbuzz.

 Here you can chat with a stranger as a stranger!! In this application the profile of the chatter is hidden. Profile picture (display picture) also is not available for the user who all chatting in this application. Even your Nimbuzz ID is not available to the other whom you chatting and you also can’t see the other ones Nimbuzzz ID. In short you are an unknown one to the other whom chatting with you in this application. One came to know your identity if and only if you reveal it in chat. The history of the chat is not saved by Nimbuzz. So it’s real fun to chat with a stranger and make him/her as a friend by on chatting and revealing identity.

How to get 'Meet a Stranger' application.

  • Go to ‘N-World’ in your Nimbuzz account.
  • Select ‘What’s New’
  • Select ‘ MEET A STRANGER’
  • Select ‘Add’

Now the application is in your friend list. Select that and type ‘help’ to get the command list. To start chatting with stranger send ‘C’ and to disconnect send ‘D’. You can only chat with 10 strangers in one hour. But if you are ready to spend 10 Nimbuckz you will be allowed to chat with unlimited number of strangers for the next 24 hours.

So start chatting with strangers as what as you like, and share your Nimbuzz ID and start making new friends! 

Check this for further information...

Help bot - /help