Super Kick - The real gift from Nimbuzz for the Kickers!

Super Kick - Let us Kick the users!

Have you ever felt to kick other users in Nimbuzz chatroom? If someone is abusing you definitely you feel to kick them from room. Now your wish come true. You can kick any participant in Nimbuzz chat room with the feature called Super Kick. Super kick is a fantastic feature which gives you the power just like room owner or moderator to kick any participant from a Chatroom.
Although you are not so lucky enough to kick room owners and moderators with this feature;  you can definitely kick room users as much as you need.

How to get Super kick; either you can earn for free or can buy by spending Nimbuckz.

How to avoid captcha while entering Nimbuzz Chatrooms?

Nimbuzz Captcha
Example; Captcha
CAPTCHA an acronym for 'Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart' was added as a security measure to avoid flood in the Nimbuzz chat rooms. Although it helped a lot for a peaceful chat in chat rooms, captcha typing is an industrious task. Even if you type the captcha correctly, sometimes you need to type two or three times the captcha if the room is full. Without captcha we can’t enter into chatrooms unless and until we are not a member, admin or owner of that room.

Nimbuzz Color ID for the Nimbuzz Chatroom users

Now not only the Nimbuzz chatroom owners and admins can have the colour Nimbuzz ID you all can have colour id. The new Nimbuzz feature allows you to have one colour id. Color id is really impressive than the Nimbuzz stylish ids. Anyway this is not a free service, it’s a paid service. To use this feature you don’t need to create new Nimbuzz ID you can use the existing Nimbuzz ID.
So make your Nimbuzz ids a coloured one and be unique in Nimbuzz chatroom.

Nimbuzz Merchant - How to buy Nimbuckz from a Nimbuzz Merchant?

The best and cheap way to purchase Nimbuckz is by purchasing Nimbuckz from an authorized Nimbuzz Merchat. How to find a Nimbuzz Merchant and how to buy Nimbuckz from a Merchant is explained in this section.

First go to 'N-world'

List of Nimbuzz Merchants from India

The details of Nimbuzz Merchants from India including Nimbuzz id, eMail id, Phone Number and location. You can purchase Nimbuckz from any Nimbuzz Merchant anywhere in the world, anyway here giving details of Indian Nimbuzz Merchants according to the location.

Free Nimbuckz - ‘Nimbuzz Info’ proudly announces a simple way to get free Nimbuckz.

Our facebook page crossed 50 likes. It’s a happy moment for us. We like to share that happiness with all Nimbuzz friends and expressing our sincere gratitude for all those who are supporting us.  

On this auspicious occasion we are happy to share 100 Nimbuckz completely free for each of the selected 10 Nimbuzz users who participating in our simple programs.

To avail this free nimbuckz what you guys need to do is,

  • Create an attractive tag line for our ‘Nimbuzz Info‘site before 10.30pm 31-08-2014. (For ex: Like the tag line we have now –‘The most popular and the best Nimbuzz blog’.

  • Sent that tag line to us by commenting below along with your Nimbuzz id.(for ex: ‘The most popular and best Nimbuzz blog’-

  • We only consider one tag line for one Nimbuzz id.

  • In case of many good tag lines from the users we will select the best and it’s completely according to our decision.

  • In case of same tag line submitted by different users we will toss and select the user.

  • Guys who don’t like to share their Nimbuzz ids to the public please don’t participate.

  • The selected Nimbuzz ids will be announced here itself.

So guys start commenting a superb tag line and get free nimbuckz!

---------------------------CLOSED---------CLOSED------------------------ !! is the ONLY one who participated in this. 100 NIMBUCKZ is credited to your id mentioned in the comment box.We wonder that no one like to get FREE NIMBUCKZ!  Because only one participated in this simple tagline competition.  Tejaisgreat wrote one tagline 'above all' , Yes 'above all' make it sense.

Express your feelings in a better way with Nimbuzz Stickers

The much awaited amazing feature is now available for Android, iPhone and desktop Nimbuzz users. That is none other than Stickers!
Stickers are an alternative for emoticons and its power to express the feelings is really great. Android, iPhone and desktop users can use Stickers in one on chat and also in group chat. At present stickers are not available in chat rooms. That means in chat rooms you need to use emoticons as before to express the feelings in an easy way.

nPlayz - Update to the latest Nimbuzz version on Android to get nPlayz

A new awesome feature is introduced to the Android Nimbuzz users named nPlayz. With the help of nPlayz the Android Nimbuzz users directly get coolest videos from the web. The most attractive and eye-catching videos can be watched in nPlayz. 

Mobile server ban bot commands in Nimbuzz chat rooms

If once mobile server bot is there in your Nimbuzz chat room the master ID can type help/1,help/2 ...   (usually help/1,help/2 format or in some bots the help style is help1, help2 ) in the chat room to get the bot commands. Here giving you the mobile server bot commands of the ban bots used in Nimbuzz chat room.

How to add mobile server bot in a Nimbuzz chat room?

This is a detailed tutorial about ‘How to add mobile server bot in a Nimbuzz chat room’. Although in Nimbuzz chat rooms owners and moderators can access Nimbuzz inbuilt help bot, there are many limitations to this inbuilt Nimbuzz help bot that forced owners to add external bots to their chat room. Auto member, welcome messages, various quiz bots, joke bot, love meter, avatar grabbing link etc are available by adding external bots to the chat room.